Best in class multi-technical expertise

As multi-technical specialists, with our integrated approach we deliver best in class technical design, installation, management and maintenance for numerous organisations in Belgium.

Safety, health and environment

We are amongst the best in class in Belgium, with an accident frequency grade of 6.9 in 2015. Safety is our number one priority. We go much further than our legal obligations – for our employees, our client’s employees and our subcontractors.

VCA certification

Imtech Belgium holds VCA** certification. In addition, our Business Unit "Imtech Industry" is VCA Petrochemical certified. We hold all appropriate safety certificates and obtain supplementary certification for specific projects. All our employees constantly benefit from safety training and coaching.

Personal protective equipment

We provide the right personal protective equipment every time for every job. In January 2016 we introduced new uniform workwear that meets the strictest quality standards.

Safety instructions and LMRA

We pursue a proactive safety policy based on prevention. Before they begin, our people are given extra safety instructions relating to the work they are to carry out. We conduct a last-minute risk analysis (LMRA) with an inspection of the surrounding area. We create a safe and healthy workplace for our own people and all other employees on site.

ISO 14001 certification

Our Business Unit "Imtech Industry" has an ISO 14001 certification for environmental management. We actively work to reduce our energy consumption and our waste flows, and optimise our water consumption.

Raising awareness

We educate our employees to work in a safe, sustainable and environmentally conscious way. We make special efforts in terms of green technology, carbon footprint and social engagement. Safety is always at the top of the agenda during site meetings. And all Imtech employees must report and register near misses.
Maintenance is one thing; integrated service is something else entirely. And that happens to be our strength.

Dominique, BU Director Facility Services