Building technologies

Design and implementation of all technical systems and installations for buildings in the tertiary sector. We set the standard in Belgium as service integrator: all services, a single point of contact.
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A customized partnership

Public spaces and private buildings must fulfil numerous conditions, in terms of comfort, communication and security, but also energy and technology. Our dedicated team of experts will help you with a partnership that fits your project.

As part of a building team, we deploy our technical expertise from the very start of the project to develop the complete technical design and installation process. We weigh up the pros and cons in terms of concept, materials, comfort, timing, costs, energy, engineering and maintenance for both new-build and renovation projects so that we can make well-founded decisions.

As private partner in public-private partnerships (PPS) we make a long-term commitment. We design, build and/or manage the technical systems in the project. The advantage of design-build-maintain (DBM) projects is that they can be handed over more quickly. Plus, it’s possible to achieve the same quality at a lower price or better quality at the same price.

Multi-technical work means having a full command of all necessary techniques. For your organisation that means being able to work together in many different ways, especially the way that best suits your project.

Dirk, BU Director Building Technologies