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Article WTCB | Case study - Vertical integration within Cordeel Group that goes beyond 'construction'

The energy landscape is in the middle of a gigantic transition. In the city of the (near) future, smart grids will play a major role. Renewable energy will be generated by numerous sources and exchanged flexibly between different users; any production surpluses will be stored as much as possible. In order to guide our customers optimally in this change process, we at Cordeel Group are currently examining several innovative solutions on our own site and even beyond.

The BBRI (Belgian Building Research Institute) recently published a case study about the vertical integration within Cordeel Group, the evolution towards 'smart buildings' and our vision on this.

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Dutch: Verticale integratie binnen Cordeel Group die ‘bouw’ overstijgt

French: Une intégration verticale au sein de Cordeel Group qui va au-delà de 'la construction'