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What it’s like to work for us? Our people will tell you why they chose Imtech Belgium. Discover their stories.

  • Alicia, Regional Assistant, works with us since 2014
    "variety of tasks, personal contact and customer satisfaction"

"As a region assistant I am responsible for the administrative and financial monitoring of our technicians’ interventions.

In collaboration with the sector leader I make bids according to the needs of our clients. It is therefore very important to understand the customer needs and offer them a tailored proposal. A hospital or a care center has different needs than a factory. For me, customer satisfaction is a priority.

Once the proposal is accepted by the customer, I compose a file with all the information required for our sector leader.

I also have several other administrative tasks: writing letters, encoding the leave of our technicians, archiving and filing, ordering materials, etc ... Very diverse and varied work, no day is the same!

In addition to the administrative tasks, I take care of the billing. Here, understanding the work carried out by our technicians and accuracy are very important."

Multi-technical work means having a full command of all necessary techniques. For your organisation that means being able to work together in many different ways, especially the way that best suits your project.

Dirk, BU Director Building Technologies

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