What working at Imtech is all about

What it’s like to work for us? Our people will tell you why they chose Imtech Belgium. Discover their stories.

  • Bruno, Work organiser, works with us since 2013
    “Concern for quality”

"The concern for doing an excellent job in a project here is hugely appealing to me. The quality of the work is very high and the personal contacts I have with our clients only make the work more pleasant.

I spend half my time on the site and the other half at our office in Wommelgem. I maintain contacts with clients and I also direct my colleagues on site. That’s typically on large industrial projects. Which means the bar for finishing is set very high – this is only to be expected for complex production processes.

So what does my job entail exactly? It varies hugely. Drawing up schedules, following up quotes, compiling material lists and orders. That’s certainly all in there. And then there’s technical data sheets, implementation and site plans, together with the progress report, which I have to get approved. If extra work has to be prepared I do that too. On the site itself I help monitor quality, quantity and output. That versatility and the responsibility appeal to me hugely."

Maintenance is one thing; integrated service is something else entirely. And that happens to be our strength.

Dominique, BU Director Facility Services

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