What working at Imtech is all about

What it’s like to work for us? Our people will tell you why they chose Imtech Belgium. Discover their stories.

  • Frank, Foreman, works with us since 1986
    “Respectful, professional and direct”

"How we work in a professional, direct and highly focused way on sites, how we are supervised in that, that for me is Imtech Belgium. That ensures that we work together every day with healthy mutual respect.

I’m responsible for the daily coordination, inspection and technical support on the site. I am the first point of contact and I bear responsibility for the work done by our team and the subcontractors. I keep an eye on quality, safety and output. I also work closely with the project manager to anticipate potential problems.

Giving clear instructions, helping to carry out the work, helping to solve problems; that’s all part of my job. And so is paperwork: collecting work permits, drawing up instructions and passing them on to the site manager. Quality is always the priority, that’s what I really enjoy in my job.”

We have the resources and skills in both the private and public market to meet all the challenges you may face.

Patrice, BU Director Building Technologies Naninne

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