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What it’s like to work for us? Our people will tell you why they chose Imtech Belgium. Discover their stories.

  • Giacomo, Estimator, works with us since 1989
    “Growing and improving myself”

"As an Estimator, I am responsible for calculating the cost price of every project. My job is to arrive at a total cost that is as realistic and competitive as possible on our market. And there’s a lot involved in that, every day – more than you might think when you hear the word ‘estimator’. You get nowhere without creativity.

The first step is collecting information, getting the documents that need to be submitted, such as the scope statement and plans, to form a precise idea of what the customer wants.

I also have to contact suppliers and subcontractors, but I have to build in sufficient competition without losing sight of the quality regulations. Encouraging creativity in our quest for suggestions and alternative solutions is also essential.

I draw up the final quote together with our secretarial office and I help ensure our proposal is correct and that it reaches the client in good time. If commercial negotiations are scheduled I sometimes attend them; the same goes for when the contract is drawn up. So you need a lot of imagination to achieve our ultimate goal.”

Multi-technical work means having a full command of all necessary techniques. For your organisation that means being able to work together in many different ways, especially the way that best suits your project.

Dirk, BU Director Building Technologies

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