What working at Imtech is all about

What it’s like to work for us? Our people will tell you why they chose Imtech Belgium. Discover their stories.

  • Jean-François, Project Manager, works with us since 2008
    “Integrating new technologies”

"As Project Manager I am responsible for projects in among others cinemas, schools, offices and hospitals. I get involved as from the technical studies and stay onboard until implementation at the end. So I see a lot of different worksites, which means there is a lot of variety in my job: drawing up implementation plans, managing purchasing and contracts, monitoring progress, checking quality with the site teams, managing finances.

Interpersonal contact is at least as important as all that: I have to agree things properly with all my colleagues and all my contacts at the sites, such as architects, engineering offices and subcontractors.

All told, then, my work as a project manager is very absorbing. So I have no shortage of challenges I can learn from!"

We have the resources and skills in both the private and public market to meet all the challenges you may face.

Patrice, BU Director Building Technologies Naninne